Package of Essential Noncommunicable (PEN) Disease Interventions for Primary Health Care in Low-Resource Settings
Başlık:      Package of Essential Noncommunicable (PEN) Disease Interventions for Primary Health Care in Low-Resource Settings
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The World Health Organization meeting on Package of essentialThe World Health Organization meeting on Package of essentialnoncommunicable disease interventions for primary health care inlow resource settings, was held Geneva, on 1–2 December 2008. Apreparatory meeting was held in the previous year at WHO headquartersin Geneva on 22–24 August 2007. The meetings were organizedby the Chronic Disease Prevention and Management unit ofthe department of Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion, NoncommunicableDisease and Mental Health cluster, in collaborationwith WHO regional of"ces.The implementation plan of the Global Strategy for Prevention andControl of NCDs was endorsed by the World Health Assembly inMay 2008. The objective 2 of the NCD Action Plan highlights theneed to establish national policies and plans for NCD preventionand control. As one of the key components of this objective, WHOis called upon to “provide technical guidance to countries in integratingcost-effective interventions against major NCDs into theirhealth systems”. Furthermore, the Action Plan proposes that MemberStates “implement and monitor cost-effective approaches forthe early detection of cancers, diabetes, hypertension and othercardiovascular risk factors” and “establish standards of health carefor common conditions like CVD, cancers, diabetes and chronicrespiratory diseases integrating when ever feasible their managementinto PHC”.Hence, the objectives of the meeting were to:Develop a conceptual framework for a Package   of Essential NCDInterventions for strengthening equity and ef"ciency of primaryhealth care in low-resource settings;  Identify core technologies, medicines and risk prediction tools;  Discuss protocols required for implementation of a set of essentialNCD interventions;  Develop a technical and operational outline for integration ofessential NCD interventions into primary care and for evaluationof impact.


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